What is data science and how to become a data scientist

first of all every one want to become a data scientist but they don’t know how to a become a data scientist, i will explain step by steps

I’m explaining what is data scientist

data scientist is task that to give accuracy data that make company for decision that means process row data and make model that provide accuracy data for taking decision future scope of products .

Data scientist is involve in decision of company

so what we learn become a data scientist

firstly learn programming lang for e.g Python , R,java and SQL

because python and R is best for data science in python diff package are there in that package learn

pandas package for data load and data handling

numpy package for numerical methods

seaborn package for data visualization

matplotlib.pyplot package for plotting data

and sklearn for mechine learning

step 1st learn these package

after that

learn following subject

  1. Machine learning
  2. probability and statistics
  3. python and R
  4. data visualization
  5. SQL
  6. Big data
  7. hadoop
  8. AWS

in that firstly learn main three subject

python & R ,machine learning and probability and statistics

because these are very import

and here after these subject does not mean that you don’t need c,c++,java and algorithm because these lang are important i industry

and data scientist job world hardest job in IT sector and run time these lang are import in the job so c,c++,java and algorithm is important

and here these 8 subject import but no one is perfect these all subject so more all focus on python & R ,machine learning and probability and statistics these subject and also c,c++,java

after that learn Tenflow and tableau software

and install

here the link that download

for tenflow:



for tableau:

overall continues learning data scientist and first you have expert /perfect in your domain after that jump or move on in data scientist .

next blog i will share Machine learning all concepts one by one thanks you

Computer science engineering. machine learning and data science . I’m trying to cover basic level to advance level topic in the data science domain

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