aim of this post is to store data from data base using sqlite and accessing data from data base and store in csv file.

in my previous post i’m shared interacting with various data base like CSV file,HTML file,SQL file now i’m explaining interacting with data base ,sql is part of data base but other data base like mongodb ,NOSQL and web XML file , Microsoft Excel files.

now try to understand data in machine learning when you want to train model then firstly to get data without data we can not do anything but data is available everywhere but…

when we solve the machine learning problem we need pandas library because without pandas library we can not view and manipulate data or we can not modify data for solving the problem.

so when we need access data we use the pandas' library function if data is CSV format we use obj.read_csv () and if data is another format we use a different function.

pandas have so many functions that can use different purposes based on the need we use them. and data cleaning main goal is to transform the raw numerical dataset( here data have type structured and unstructured…

Step by step process of solving machine learning problems

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we know what is machine learning but in short defining machine learning


Accessing data from MongoDB using the python library

in this blog, I’m explaining how we can access data from MongoDB database and these data stored in CSV file format but before starting this I’m explaining how we can do web scraping and these all data store in MongoDB and stored data in MongoDB database how we can access using pymongo

contents of this blog

  1. About MongoDB : JSON with MongoDB & Core Processes
  2. about pymongo

I will show you an example in the next blog because it takes more time so I’m divided into two parts one parts all theory and the second part one big example

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In this post I’m explaining how to accessing data and data manipulation using pandas library.

In the previous post, you got familiar with the pandas library and with basic functionalities that it provides for the data analysis. pandas is a library specialized for data analysis, so you expect that it is mainly focused on calculation and data processing.

Without pandas library data processing is not possible for solving problem in machine learning. We know that pandas library is used for accessing data from different ways.Here I’m explaining how we access data from required ways

Accessing data from

  1. comma-separated values (csv)
  2. Hypertext Markup Language(Html)

Before starting machine learning I’m starting machine learning required library using python .

  1. pandas
  2. Numpy
  3. matplotlib
  4. sklearn

The Pandas Library:-

To install pandas use

“pip install pandas”

pandas is used for handle dataframe and is used to load data using different functions like




or different functions these all things in pandas loaded for dataset.

when we analyse dataset we use drop data,fillna data or imputer these function used for get perfect dataset for training .

2. The Numpy Library:-

At the dawn of the Python language, the developers began to need to perform numerical calculations, especially when this language began to be considered by…

what is machine learning and its type all concept of machine learning

Machine learning :-

Machine Learning systems can be classified according to the amount and type of supervision they get during training.

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in machine learning there are various method and each method specify with specific problem for example if we are solving SVM problem than we cannot use linear regression because linear regression is different concept and SVM is different concept.

Type of Machine learning:-

Supervised Machine learning

Unsupervised Learning

semi supervised learning learning

Reinforcement Learning

Supervised learning:-

In supervise learning you train model for predicting output you have…

first of all every one want to become a data scientist but they don’t know how to a become a data scientist, i will explain step by steps

I’m explaining what is data scientist

data scientist is task that to give accuracy data that make company for decision that means process row data and make model that provide accuracy data for taking decision future scope of products .

Data scientist is involve in decision of company

so what we learn become a data scientist

firstly learn programming lang for e.g Python , R,java and SQL

because python and R is…


Computer science engineering. machine learning and data science . I’m trying to cover basic level to advance level topic in the data science domain

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